Futura Coffe


Cel: +55 35 99911-4242 (Junior)
Cel: +55 35 99750-4040 (Bruna)
Tel: +55 35 3222-2002

Futura Global Coffee CO. is a brazilian company of international brokerage, focused on the promotion and marketing of conventional and certified coffees for many different markets around the world.

The organization has a partnership with Costa Comissária de Café, that has 25 years of experience and reputation in the domestic market, with a deep networking and knowledge about the coffee suppliers from Brazil.

Both companies belong to the Costa Comissária group and are located in Varginha, the city is considered the capital of Coffee in Minas Gerais, a state that holds more than 50% of the Brazilian coffee production.


Create relations with trust and loyalty between buyers and suppliers at the coffee market.


Be a reference company in professionalism and reliability at the Brazilian and international market.


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