Importation of Robusta

The importation of Robusta coffee from Vietnam by Brazil has not gone out of government plans and can be authorized in the coming weeks through the drawback system, the information was reported on Wednesday by the financial news agency Bloomberg, based on the report of two sources with direct knowledge on the subject. Also there will be a new Conilon crop on the next 2 months. As the industry is requesting the importation to reduce the price of the blend and the producers are totally against it, they cannot get to an agreement, and the situation stays vague.

Arabica market and Robusta coffee

Arabica quotes have been working with large volatility recently. The truth is that the prices are not finding the strength to recover the lost registered lately, the market should work within the range of 140.00 and 145.00 cents / lb on the US stock market.

The import of coffee has not left the agenda of the industry of soluble, it appears in the official agenda of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, there are two meetings for this Tuesday (7), linked to this subject coffee.