Favorable forecast lately in Brazil

Given the favorable forecast in Brazil, with rains being recorded in the production belt, there is a decrease in the supply concern in the next harvest – although the scenario is still on the radar´s operators. Besides that, there is the entry producers´ harvest from Central America and Colombia into the market.

Diante do quadro climático favorável no Brasil, com chuvas sendo registradas no cinturão produtivo, há uma diminuição na preocupação com o abastecimento na próxima safra – embora o cenário ainda esteja no radar os operadores. Além disto, há a entrada da safra de produtores da América Central e Colômbia ao mercado.



The roll position of contracts that are due on December to March should continue reflecting adjustments in today’s trading session, while there is no news in the fundamental framework. We point out that attention should be paid to the exchange rate – after strong highs in Brazil – and the rains in the producing regions – contributing to the development of the 2017/2018 coffee harvest.